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Hamilton Volleyball Beats the Lakers

First set the Hamilton Hawkeyes had an early lead, leading 7-2. Then the Hawkeyes lost back to back until they were down 7-9 losing to the Lakers. The rest of the set it was going back and forth point for point. At the end of the first set the score was 25-22. Leaving the Hamilton Hawkeyes winning the first set.

Second set the score was point to point up until the 10 point mark when the Lakers were up 10-6, up until the Hawkeyes came back tied up the game being 16-16. The rest of the game was tied up, up till the Lakers started pulling away with the score being 23-18 Lakers up, with the final score of the second set being 25-22 with the Lakers winning. The second set was a complete struggle bus for the Hawkeyes, looking as if they were getting over confident after winning the first set.

The third set the Lakers up with an early lead with the score being 8-3. Later in the 3rd set the Hamilton Hawkeyes tied up the gap being 15-15 between the two teams. From there the Hamilton Hawkeyes established a small lead with the Hawkeyes being up 17-15. The Hawkeyes hold a consistent 3 point lead up until the end, with the ending score for the third set being 25-22 with the Hawkeyes winning that set.

The fourth set started off with the Hamilton Hawkeyes taking the lead 8-3 in the beginning. From there the Lakers slowly crawled their way back with the Hawkeyes having a lead of double the score over the Lakers with a score of 12-6. At the end of the fourth set the.

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