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(Article) Hamilton Freshman Boys Basketball vs Holland

By: Derek Balder


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The Hamilton Hawkeyes Freshman team Defeated the Holland Dutchman last night with a final score of Hawkeyes 65, Dutchman 55. This was the Freshman's' last game of the season. The win improved their record to 8-12. The Hawkeyes were winning the whole game until the last minute when the Dutchman Brought it back and tied it up at 53. The Hawkeyes were going shot for shot until they fought back and brought the lead back up to 10. The Hawkeyes Leading scorer Landon Vanderzwaag says this about the game. “ The game was closer than it should have been but we ended up securing the win in the end”. Here is what Clayton Blauwkamp had to say about their season: “I think we played a good season and a lot of us improved as a player throughout the season. We didn’t win as many games as we wanted to but we still had a good season and I enjoyed this season with all of my teammates and coaches.”

The Hamilton Hawkeye's Freshman team played well this season but ended up with an 8-12 record. The Games won include Fruitport two times, Allendale two times, Hopkins, Holland, and Comstock Park. The games lost include Zeeland West, East Grand Rapids, West Catholic two times, Coopersville two times, Unity Christian twice, Spring Lake twice, and Holland Christian twice.

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