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(Article) Hamilton Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Holland Christian

By: Olivia Burch


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The Hamilton girl’s varsity basketball team took on our rivals Holland Christian on Thursday, January 24th. This was a big game for both the girls and guys playing HC. Considering the fact that HC is our biggest rival, it was a big time game for the girls.

This brought the girls' record to 10-9 after beating the Maroons of Holland Christian.

The starters in last night's game were 2 seniors, 2 juniors, and a freshman. The starters were Raya VanderZwaag (Sr.), Megan Williams (Sr.), Kyra Kleinheksel (Jr.), Taylor VanderZwaag (Jr.), and Kaitlyn Geurink (Fr.)

Playing against her cousin on the opposing team was Taylor Vanderzwaag getting competition from Tryna VanderZwaag with the Maroons in Thursday's game. Kyra Kleinheksel had a great game scoring 16 points out of the 40 in total. She really helped out the team by working hard and showing off their work from practice this season. Scoring the second most points was our one and only freshman Kaitlyn Geurink who had 12 points.

Holland Christian is definitely one of our biggest rivals for Hamilton sports so whenever we get to play them; especially in basketball, it’s a tense but exciting game. This particular game we came out on top winning 40-32. Basketball is a sport that has a lot going on at once, our Hamilton Girls Basketball team does a pretty good job of displaying that in a good way. The girls’ work hard in practice every day and this season shows throughout their playing regardless of if they are losing or winning.

We had a chance to interview Kaitlyn Geurink, one of the top scores in Thursday night’s game.

How do you think that you guys as a team played against our rivals?

“I think that we played very well and that we played together as a team. We wanted to win so badly especially coming off of a loss in overtime last time we played them and that really showed out on the court.”

How do you feel you improved from the last time you played HC?

“I think that we really improved with our game play and our decision making after playing them the first time.”

What do you think you guys could have done differently to beat HC?

I think that first time we played HC it just all around wasn’t a very good game for most of us and not all of our shots were falling. The second time we played them we really used our momentum from our shots falling and that led us to play really hard.

After the game against Holland Christian the girls team moved on to a game against Allendale. The girls season is coming to an end, this season they have shown off all they have worked on in practice and past games as well.

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