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Hamilton Loses a Hard Fought Battle with Holland Christian

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Hamilton High School faced the Holland Christian Maroons in Hawkeye Territory on October 15, 2021. During the first quarter number 21, Zach Boerman makes a 3yd touchdown scoring 6 points for the Hawkeyes followed by a scoring kick by junior Joe Johnson. While the score was 15-8 with Hamilton in the lead, 23, Spencer Vandenbrink made a touchdown with the help of sophomore Ben Boehm who ran for the two-point conversion after the touchdown. In the fourth quarter of the game a 5 yd touchdown was made tying the Hawkeyes and Maroons 21-21.

The Hawkeyes had a total of 315 yards; a total of 9 passing yards made by senior Quarterback Quentin Soerens and 276 yards mostly made by seniors Spencer Vandenbrink, Quentin Soerens, Zach Boerman and junior Brant Goodpaster. This including offense made a total of 39 passing yards made by number 11, Soerens; 1 completed pass and 8 attempted passes. Their rushing offense had 270 yards that were made by seniors Spencer Vandenbrink (24 attempts, 99 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 fumble) Zach Boerman (7 attempts, 42 yards, and 1 touchdown), Quentin Soerens (10 attempts, and 93 yards) and junior Brant Goodpaster (3 attempts, and 36 yards).

The Hawk’s defense made a total of 28 tackles made by juniors Austin Osborne, Brant Goodpaster, Brayden Geurink, and Tyler Berkimer; seniors, Spencer Vandebrink, Zach Boerman, Michael Marshall, Noah Olsen, Ethan Doxey and Edison Nonthaweth. 1 sack tackle by junior Osborne and 5 assisted tackles made by Boerman, Marshall and Nonthaweth.

The Hawks Special Team consists of juniors number 12 Tyler Berkimer, number 17 Joe Johnson and senior number 11 Soerens. Johnson scored 1 point after a touchdown at an average of 223 yards in the kickoff and Soerens with an average of 27 punting yards. The Hamilton Football put up a fight with the Maroons that night going into overtime at a tie of 21-21. Unfortunately, the Maroons made a 5 yard touchdown in overtime, making the final score 21-27.

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