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Hamilton Volleyball Crushes Their Opponents, The Lakers

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Hamilton fought the Spring Lake Lakers for 4 sets to a victory. In the game, number 3 sophomore setter Joelle Boeskool was able to score 7 points on serve and had 18 setting assists. Number 8 Maddie Stoel (freshman setter) had 10 setting assists as well as 11 points serving. Throughout the game the team sent over 92 attempted kills 29 of those were successful kills, leaving them with a 31.5% kill rate. Number 23 middle hitter, Kyra Kleinheksel had the most kills for the team. Out of 25 attempts she had 11 kills and only 2 errors with a 44.0% kill rate. Senior and right side hitter, Sydney Wedeven had a kill rate of 27.8% and out of 18 attempts she was able to score 5 points from her successful hits.

The team did pretty well with serve receive with an overall rating of 2.14 out of 3 for there passes to setter. There were 91 passing attempts with 40 of there being a perfect pass to setter and 30 being close. Senior libero Leah Blood had 29 serve receive passing attempts with 14 of them being perfectly set and 9 of them being close with a overall 2.17 rating out of 3.0. Junior Maddie Jamrog had a total of 28 serve receive attempts with 15 being perfect passes and 7 being close. With a ending rate of 2.25 out of 3.0.

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