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The Retirement of Coach Mikolajczyk

By Remington Foster


We want to thank James Mikolajczyk for all the years he has been a part of the Hamilton Volleyball Program. He has had such a successful career at Hamilton leading the Hawkeyes to many district finals. Coach Mikolajczyk has put so much effort into this sport and has impacted so many people’s lives in a positive way throughout his coaching career at Hamilton. One of the main reasons Coach Mikolajczyk stepped down is because he wants to attend his kid’s games. Mikolajczyk said, “Even when I'm at the games physically I'm not there mentally because I’m thinking about the upcoming games and where to put people and I'm trying to figure out how to beat our next opponent’'. Coach Mikolajczyk can picture himself coaching rec basketball, soccer, and volleyball. During Mikolajczyk’s first year of coaching, he had a meeting in his basement and stated that one of his main goals was for the team to be above 500 (over 50% winning record). They ended up achieving that goal and for the next 4 straight years they won the district title and also 2 regional championships. One of Miko’s favorite accomplishments is the comeback against Hamilton's rival, Holland Christian. Hamilton was down 2 sets to one and they were ahead in the 5th. Miko said that one of his favorite things about coaching volleyball was, “Celebrating with the team, going to village inn for pizza after the games, and seeing the girls never give up especially in key games against Holland Christian, Unity, and Edwardsburg. Even when they were behind, the girls just kept pushing and working hard”. Miko has been incredibly grateful for his family and the community that is Hamilton.

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