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Girl's Varsity Basketball vs. Unity Christian

By: Hoyt Ferguson

The Hamilton Hawkeyes defeated the Unity Christian crusaders last Friday at Unity. Hamilton improved their record to 4-4 with a win percentage of .500%. and the crusaders record dropped to 4-4 with a win percentage of .500%. When the 4th quarter buzzer when off, the score was 63-41 Hamilton with the victory. The starting 5 for the Hawkeyes were Kyra Kleinheksel, Kaitlyn Geurink, Raya Vanderwaag, Taylor Vanderzwaag, and Megan Williams. In the 1st quarter, the Hawkeyes started out slower with a tight score fighting back and forth for the lead. The game lasted like this until Hamilton took the lead in the beginning of the 2nd. From there, the Hawkeyes were scoring left and right. #12 Taylor VanderZwaag hit a deep 3 in the 3rd quarter putting them even further ahead with the score being 23-41. Kyra Klienheksel had a monster defensive game with a lot of steals and blocks in the after Coach Schwarks pep talk at halftime. That fired up the Hawkeyes to win the game 63-41. Varsity girls are sitting at a 3 win streak.

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