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Hamilton Boy's Basketball vs. Comstock Park

By Kianna Koning


December 10, 2021 the Boys Varsity Basketball team fought hard against the Comstock Panthers. In the first quarter of the game, number 2, junior Brady Tebo scored the first two points of the night and shot an insane 3 pointer close to the end of the third quarter. Hawkeye’s number 5, Brant Goodpaster scored 2 points for the Hawks followed by a nice 3 point shot made by junior Austin Osborne. Moving into the second quarter of the game getting close to half time; junior Brayden Geurink and freshman James Hoffman each get a taste of scoring 2 points with Geurink adding another 2 for the team. Goodpaster at the end of the second quarter then shoots a 3 pointer making the score going into halftime 28 - 17 with the Hawkeyes in the lead. Into the start of the second half of the game, the following players; 11, Quentin Soerens, 2, Brady Tebo and 1, Thano Klett each serve their 3 pointers to the Panthers. Comstock Panthers were delivering lazy 2 point shots in the second half so Hawks, Klett, Hoffman and Mcillwain and Genzink dished up seven 2 point shots serving the Hawks score up 14 points til the very end. Close to the end of the game, number 4, Brayden Geurink and number 12, James Hoffman added an extra side course of 3 point shots concluding the night with a 72 point win over the Comstock Panthers.

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