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Hamilton Boy's Basketball vs. Unity

By Olivia Burch


The Hamilton Varsity Boys Basketball team was defeated by the Crusaders of

Unity Christian on January 14th 66-34. The leading scorer on Friday night’s game

was Brant Goodpaster with a total of 8 hard earned points. 6 out of the 8 points

were made from 2’s. He attempted 3 free throws and made 2/3.

Hamilton is now at the record of 3-4 after the defeat by the Crusaders of Unity.

Hamilton started 1 senior, 3 juniors, and a sophomore. Quentin Soerens (Sr.),

Austin Osborne (Jr.), Brant Goodpaster (Jr.), Brayden Geurink (Jr.), and Justin

Mcillwain (So.)

Our leading scorer was Brant Goodpaster, he came in at the top with 8 points.

Coming in close second behind him one point behind was Justin Mcillwain with a

7 point total. The leader in 3’s was Tyler Berkimer with 1, he was the solo 3

shooter in this game. These 3 guys (Brant, Justin, and James) were the leaders

in this hard fought game and also the leading scorers as well.

At the end of the first quarter we were losing 21-6. At halftime we were behind

39-11, we were fighting hard but Unity was still pulling ahead. When the end of

3rd quarter came around we gained a few points but were still behind by quite a

bit, it came to 48-23 by the end of the 3rd quarter. After the tough ending and

disappointing loss the score came out to 66-34.

We were able to interview Brant Goodpaster and get his input on how the game

went and how he thinks that they played overall.

“How do you feel the team played?”

“I didn’t think we had a very good game, we made a lot of mistakes that cost us.

Against good teams like Unity little mistakes cost a lot more.” Brant replied.

You were the top scorer, personally, was it a good game for you?”

“Personally I could play better, Unity’s defense played well all night and limited

our team's opportunities.” Brant responded.

“My last question is what do you think you guys can do better to beat


“We need to respond better to their pressure on offense and take care of the ball

and communicate more on defense, and overall play with more intensity.” Brant

let us know.

As the season goes on the boys will continue to work hard and make a big effort

to work together as a team and get better overall. While they get further into the

season we are getting to see the boys work together and become a family.

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