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Hamilton Boy's Basketball vs. Zeeland West

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

By Olivia Burch


The Hamilton Varsity Boys Basketball team fell to the Dux of Zeeland West on

December 14 71-66. The leading scorer on Hamilton was Brayden Geurink with

a total of 15 hard fought points, he ended the game with 8 points in 2’s and 3/4

made free throws.

Hamilton was then put at the record of 1-1 after their loss from the Dux.

Hamilton started 1 senior, 3 juniors, and a sophomore. Quentin Soerens (Sr.),

Austin Osborne (Jr.), Brant Goodpaster (Jr.), Brayden Geurink (Jr.), and Justin

Mcillwain (So.)

Brayden Geurink was the leading scorer with 15 points along with Austin

Osborne coming in right behind him with 12 points. Our leaders in 3 shooters

were Austin Osborne and Brady Tebo tying with 2 each. Our 3 juniors (Brayden,

Austin, and Brady) really held their heads high and led the team in this tough but

exciting game.

At the end of the first quarter we were behind 27-13. By halftime the score was

then 42-22. However, they were still behind. The boys were working hard to fight

back. When we got to the end of the third quarter, you can see how hard they

worked to get the score back to 49-48 only losing by a single point. After the hard

fight they ended up losing to the Dux 71-66.

Despite the fact that we have quite a few juniors and seniors, we also have a sophomore and a freshman who will have many more chances to battle the Dux

with hopes of pulling out a win. These talented guys have passion and grit for the

game of basketball, as the season goes on they will as a team become unified.

As the season goes on they will continue to work hard and have fun on the court.

We look forward to watching the boys gel together and become a community this


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