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Hamilton Boy's Varsity Basketball vs Coopersville

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

By Hannah Glupker


The Hamilton Hawkeyes fell to the Coopersville Broncos, ending Tuesday night with a score of 54-69. Their record is now 4-10. The Hawkeyes top scorer was Brady Tebo(#12) with 12 points, which were all three point baskets. The second top scorer was Thano Klett(#1) with 10 points. During the first quarter the Broncos shut us down on offense, and we only scored 4 points. Going into the second quarter, the Hawkeyes knew they had to come out strong. We scored 15 more points in the second, to make the score 19-37 at halftime. The Hawks came out of halftime stronger on offense and scored 19 more points in the third quarter but we gave up so many points on defense. During the fourth quarter, the Hawkeyes kept pushing but only scored 15 more points, leading to a loss for the Hawkeyes.

One of the many contributors to this game was Brady Tebo and here are his thoughts on how his team played. “I feel like we played very lazy as a team and if we would’ve played more aggressively on both offense and defense, we could’ve had a chance. We got outplayed and outworked, they were just the better team that night.”

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