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Hamilton Boy's Varsity Basketball vs. Unity Christian

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

By Kianna Koning


In Friday night’s double header against Unity Christian, the Boys’ Varsity team was up first. Within the first few minutes of the game, the Crusaders were leading by 11 points with the Hawks scoring none. Then, moments later, Junior Austin Osborne shot a pair of threes for the Hawks. Following the scoring pattern, Junior Brant Goodpaster hit another three pointer for the Hawkeyes. Number 4, Brayden Geurink scored another two points for the Hawkeyes. Unfortunately, the Crusaders were able to strike back and add three more points to their total. The Hawks had their chance at the free throw line to score an additional point, making the score 12-14, with Unity leading. In the beginning of the second quarter, Sophomore JT Mcillwain was able to sneak a three point shot without the Crusaders knowing. After that shot, Unity Christian scored an additional six points to get farther ahead in the game, but Juniors Thano Klett and Austin Osborne came back to score two points each for the Hawkeyes. After a foul was placed against the Crusaders, the Hawks made a free throw making the score tied at 20-20. Finishing the second quarter of the game, the Hawks gained an additional six points. Towards the end of the game, the Hawks were behind twenty two points; Hawkeyes 28 - Crusaders 50. In the third quarter of the game, Thano Klett shot a three pointer. Senior Quentin Soerens and Senior, Jacob Lange each got two points, with Soerens scoring an additional two points. Near the end of the game, Juniors Klett and Osborne scored an additional five points for the Hawkeyes. Though they played a hard game Friday night, the boys fell twenty-six points short of Unity Christian, making the final score of the night 77-51.

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