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Hamilton Boys Varsity Basketball vs. Coopersville

By: Kianna Koning


On February 8, the Hamilton Hawkeyes went up against the Coopersville Broncos. In the first quarter the Broncos led the Hawkeyes by 11 points. After a while, the Hawkeyes started picking up the pace with junior Austin Osborne hitting a three with an added free throw giving the Hawkeyes four points. Unfortunately, four points weren’t enough to catch up with the Broncos.

In the second quarter, junior Brady Tebo hit a three pointer. Followed by Tebo’s shot, Thano Klett shot a couple three’s for the Haweyes and then Austin Osborne shot two extra points for the boys. To start the third quarter, Tebo hit two three point shots for the Hawkeyes. Following those shots, Osborne scored a two pointer. Bringing the Hawkeyes total score to 19 and the Broncos 37. Brayden and Caleb Geurink, along with Osbrone scored a total of eleven points for the Hawkeyes in the final quarter of the game. The Hawkeyes played their hardest Tuesday night but fell short to the Broncos by 15. The final score of the game was 54 to 69.

After the game, I pulled Brady Tebo aside to ask some questions. The first question I asked was, what were some of the challenges that you faced that you were able to overcome? Tebo answered, “I sprained my ankle against West Catholic so coming back and playing relatively well after that felt good.”. I wanted to get into detail, so I asked him what were some improvements that you need to work on so that you can perform better in future games and how can you show your teammates and coaches that you were able to show those improvements. He responded with, “talking and being a leader, on the court nobody truly takes a lead and controls the team.” The third and final question that I asked Tebo was, what were some things that you can take away from the game that you can apply in future games? Tebo went to say, “we need to take care of the ball and play better defense, defense leads to good offense.” Even though they struggled, the boys varsity basketball team can learn from Tuesday’s night game.

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