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Hamilton Girl's Basketball vs. Allendale

By Clayton Blauwkamp


The Hamilton Hawkeyes were victorious over the Allendale Falcons, and improved their record to 5-4 (3-1 in conference). The leading scorer for the Hamilton Hawkeyes was Kyra Kleinheksel (#23) with 22 points. Taylor Vanderzwaag (#12) closely followed with 14 points.

The Hawkeyes played a tough first quarter, ending with a four point lead of 15-11. The Hawkeyes kept fighting and outplayed the Falcons again in the second quarter, scoring another 16 points while the Falcons only scored 12. Kyra Kleinheksel (#23) played a great second quarter, knocking down a bunch of shots. The score at the end of the half was 31-23.

Allendale made some adjustments at halftime and played a good 3rd quarter, outscoring the Hawkeyes by 5 points and ending with a score of 41-38. The Hawkeyes started the fourth quarter off with a bang. Taylor Vanderzwaag (#12) knocked down two threes in a row and gave the Hawkeyes the momentum they needed to win the game. Throughout the fourth quarter, the Hawkeyes played lockdown defense, knocking down shots left and right, and won the game with a score of 53-43.

After the game, we interviewed Kyra Kleinheksel to see how she felt about her team's performance.

"How did you think the team played together?"

“I feel like we played well. We ran a new offense and defense that we played well,” Kyra replied.

"What were things you had to overcome?"

Kyra responded with,” We had to overcome the calls and they had a few really good players we had to stop.”

"Lastly, what were your thoughts going into the game?"

Kyra said,” We have to stop their best player, number 2. If we can do that then we can win this game.”

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