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Hamilton Girl's Basketball vs. Fruitport

By Olivia Burch


The Hamilton Girl's Varsity Basketball team defeated the Trojans of Fruitport on

January 21, 2022 with a score of 48-6. The leading scorer in Friday night’s game was Taylor

VanderZwaag with a total of 16 points. 12 of those 16 points were 3

pointers. She ended the game with four 3 pointers and two 2 pointers.

The Hamilton Girl's Varsity Basketball team is now has a record of 6-4 with a 4

game win streak after they defeated the Fruitport Trojans.

Hamilton started 2 seniors, 2 juniors, and a freshman. Brielle Groenheide (Sr.),

Raya VanderZwaag (Sr.), Kyra Kleinheksel (Jr.), Taylor VanderZwaag (Jr.), and

Kaitlyn Geurink (Fr.).

The leading scorer was Taylor VanderZwaag. She worked hard the

whole game to get the 16 points she earned. Coming in behind her were Raya

VanderZwaag and Kyra Kleinheksel tied at 8 points each. The leader in 3’s was also

Taylor VanderZwaag, making four of them. The top 3 scorers for this game were Taylor,

Raya, and Kyra.

At the end of the first quarter we were up by quite a bit. The score was

17-0, leaving the Fruitport Trojans at 0. At halftime the girls were quite tired from

scoring an additional 14 points , bringing us up to 31-2. When the third quarter

ended we had 15 more points added to our previous 31, which bumped them ahead

even further to 46. Leaving the score at 46-4 with us pulling ahead. The end of

the game came around and we finished the game with a whopping 48 points

which led us to victory against the Trojans of Fruitport with a score of 48-6.

We were able to interview the Varsity Girl's head coach Jackie Schwark and get

her input on how she thought her girls played this Friday night.

“How do you feel you guys played overall?”

“I thought we played really well as a team, I thought we shared the ball well.

Everybody got a lot of shots when they were open. We had 9 out of 10 people

score. Across the board defensively everybody was hustling, everybody was

talking. All 10 girls whether they were on the court or on the bench they just

played really well and it was good to see.”

“What do you feel were the team’s strengths?”

“We are throughout to score in multiple areas, we’ve got really good post players

who are really good at finishing. We also have some really good 3 point shooters

which I think makes us a really tough team to guard because we can go inside

and outside.”

“What can the girls improve on?”

“We talk a lot about rebounding, we talk about how we give up weak side boards

too often. One of the things we’ve been working on improving is making sure

when a shot goes up all five people are boxing out working a clear space to

make sure we get a clear defensive rebound.”

“What have you been working on in practice that pays tribute to today’s


“We work on shooting a lot, we shot pretty well today so that's good. We just put

in a new zone offense this week and we kind of went back and forth between

zone offenses because we played a lot of zone against the last team we played.

So it’s just good to see our girls adjust and adapt to something new and then be

able to apply it to a game pretty quickly with not a lot of practice. I’m pretty proud

of the effort put in tonight by everybody.”

As the girls continue in their season hopefully they can keep up the hard work

and continue their win streak. These girls have shown that they know how to work hard

and it has paid off.

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