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Hamilton Girl's Varsity Basketball Game vs. Spring Lake

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

By: Ava Prielipp


The Hawkeyes defeated the Spring Lake Lakers 52-48, improving their record to 9-9.

The Hawkeyes came out aggressive in the first quarter, scoring 12 points and holding the Lakers to 6 points. Then we let it slip away and let them out score us in the second quarter with us only scoring 16 points and them scoring 19. The second half of the game we out scored them barely but still took the win overall. Freshman Kaitlyn Geurink (#3) was the top scorer with 18 total points, following behind her was Taylor Vanderzwaag (#12) with 14 points, and Kyra Kleinheksel (#23) with 13 hard fought points. Kaitlyn Geurink also led the team in defensive rebounds with a total of 7, Taylor Vanderzwaag with a total of 6 and Megan Williams (#10) and Kyra Kleinheksel (#23) both with totals of 5. The Hawkeyes struggled a little and ended up with 27 turnovers, while Spring Lake only had 7. We also only had 2 steals and the Lakers had 15.

We interviewed with Kaitlyn Geurink after the game and asked her, “How do you feel your team played together in this game?”

Her response was, “I feel like our team played very well and when we got stressed out I feel like we handled it the best we could!”

We also asked “What is your mindset during an intense and physical game when you wanna stay aggressive but stay out of foul trouble?”

Kaitlyn says, “When it was getting close and both teams were in the bonus, I had to be smart with my fouls and try to stay calm. I also had to make sure we got back fast on transition defense to stop their transition offense.”

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