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Hamilton Girl's Varsity Basketball vs. Spring Lake

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

By Ava Prielipp


The Hawkeyes played a hard fought game against the Spring Lake Lakers, but lost 32-45, making their record 6-5. The Hawkeye's top scorer was Freshman Kaitlyn Geurink (#3) with 16 points, and Megan Williams (#10) with 10 points. By the end of the first quarter the Hawkeyes were up by a basket, but then they fell behind for the rest of their game. The Hawkeyes out-rebounded the Lakers 25-23. Kaitlyn Geurink (#3) was the leading rebounder with 7 defensive and 4 offensive rebounds. Raya VanderZwaag (#21), and Joelle Boeskool (#4) both had 6 defensive rebounds. The Hawkeyes ended with 21 turnovers and only 5 steals.

We were able to interview Kaitlyn Geurink on Tuesday night and get her thoughts on how she played.

Ava Prielipp: How do you think your team played even though you had 6 varsity players?

Kaitlyn: “I think we did good for what we had, especially since we were missing our 2 top players. I think if we had the rest of our team we definitely could’ve beat them. We struggled a lot on offense with turning over the ball, and couldn't make up for it on defense.”

What have you done to score more points in games?

“I've been finishing stronger, and practicing to be more consistent with my free throws. I’ve also been putting in work outside of practice. I’ve also been more comfortable with my teammates, we are gelling together better and it’s resulting in better games.”

The Hawkeyes take on West Catholic on Friday February 4!

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