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Hamilton Varsity Boy's Basketball vs Holland Christian

By Hannah Glupker


The Hamilton Hawkeyes lost to the Holland Christian Maroons 53-58 in a hard fought game, changing their record to 6-13. Justin Mcllwain(#0) and Brayden Geurink(#4) were our top scorers, each ending with 13 points. Thano Klett(#1) lead the hawks with 4 defensive rebounds and 3 steals. During the first quarter, the Maroons came out strong on both offense and defense, keeping the score to 4-13 to end the first quarter. The Hawkeyes stepped up their game and started to make a comeback and ended the first half with a score of 18-27, HC winning . Both teams continued to fight during the third quarter, bringing the score closer and closer. At the start of the fourth quarter, the score was 31-37 and the game was getting more intense every second. The Hawkeyes put up a great fight against the Maroons, but unfortunately didn’t walk away with a win.

We interviewed one of our top scorers, Brayden Geurink. We asked him how he felt the team played that night and this is what he had to say: “We started off kind of slow and timid but we got it together and we finished the game strong but we just couldn’t finish it out.” We also asked him how he felt he played personally and what he can improve on and he said, “I felt like I played pretty good, it was tough guarding Overway but overall I did well. Something I can improve on would be taking care of the ball and having less turnovers.” Lastly we asked him what the high point of the game was and he said, “When Justin hit an and one layup to bring us within one point in under four minutes.”

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